Your Chrome Tab Workbench

Use Tabit to manage your Chrome tabs. You can save, group and search tabs in a flexible, creative way, with no worry about closing your Chrome any more! And it's free!

One Click to Save All Tabs

Too many tabs opened? Now you can save all tabs in the browser window with one simple click. Do not worry about closing your Chrome. You can revisit them at any time later.

save all tabs
save all tabs

Work with Named Groups

On Tabit, you can group all your tabs with a name on your own! Whether by urgent projects on hand, or your hobbies, it’s up to you.

Search Quickly for Your Tabs

You can search groups and tabs to get what you want.

Save All Tabs
More Features

And More ...

Want your tabs to stay organized? On Tabit, you can drag one or multiple tabs in a group or to another group. You can also merge, archive (unarchive) and delete groups in batch. Just try Tabit and find out!