What is Tabit?

Tabit help you to manage your Chrome tabs. You can save opened tabs to a group and reopen them later. Tabit support searching groups or tabs. The groups of tab can be archived to make the Home clean, and you can unarchive it back to Home too.


  • Tabs Management with Groups
  • Searching Tabs and Groups
  • Quickly Save and Restore Tabs
  • Tab Data Export and Import
  • Dragging Tabs and Groups and Remember the Order

Data and Privacy

Your tab data of Tabit is currently stored locally in your Chrome browser and will not be uploaded to Cloud or any other websites. The extension data will not be cleared When you clear the Chrome cache, unless you enter the Chrome developer mode and delete the IndexedDB data.

The extension asks only for permissions necessary to implement its functions, which is accessing `tabs` and `favicon` for now.


For any questions e-mail to tabitplus@gmail.com.